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5 Star Wheel Ball Marker

5 Star Wheel Ball Marker - 1st Edition

5 Star Wheel Ball Marker - 1st Edition

I remember rolling on chrome when I began golfing... let these markers take you back to your 90's Accord with those spinners! Machined from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum, this 1.25” diameter ball marker can will bring you back to easier days, when it was about golf and cars... that's all! 

  • 100% crafted in the USA
  • 1.25" diameter
  • Aircraft grade 7075 aluminum in shiny finish
  • Gift box included 

I start with a solid piece of aluminum. Next is a 3 step milling process to get that sweet shape. From there, it is off to the grinding machine, polishing and then tumbling to get to near buttery satin finish. Finally a small Kraken logo is applied. It is a pleasure to craft, but even better to play with! 

Please note that some metals patina over time. This will provide your item with a more unique look as it ages!