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Gym Plate Ball Marker

Gym Plate Ball Marker - 1st Edition

Gym Plate Ball Marker - 1st Edition

"Drive for show and putt for dough" is what they say. Admit it, you are more of a drive for show type of player! Each marker is precision milled in the USA from pure aluminum. After machining, each marker is sanded, tumbled twice and powder coated with a textured, matte black paint. Each is etched with a small Kraken logo on the back side and some other familiar gym plate marks on the front. However the back is wide open for customization via laser!

Diameter = 1.25"

I hope you enjoy the tool as much as I enjoyed crafting it! 

Please note that some metals patina over time. This will provide your item with a more unique look as it ages!

Items typically ship within 3-5 business days.