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Hobo Luck Ball Marker - Brass - front

Hobo Luck Ball Marker - Brass - 1st Edition

Hobo Luck Ball Marker - Brass - 1st Edition

The goal of this release was to tap an area that is of much interest to me. It brings me back to a simpler time that was very much a glory era in golf. Many talented coin engravers, started creating hobo nickels in 1913, when the Buffalo nickel entered circulation. The hobo nickel is a sculptural art form involving the creative modification of small-denomination coins, essentially resulting in miniature bas reliefsMany artists made hobo nickels in the 1910s and 1920s, with new artists joining in as the years went by. The 1930s saw many talented artists adopting the medium. 

I designed my interpretation with the idea of adding a little luck to your golf game! Each marker is precision milled in the USA from pure brass. After machining, each marker is grinded on the edges, sanded, tumbled twice and polished to near mirror finish. Each is then laser etched with my "LUCK" design on the front and a small Kraken logo on the back side. With the first release, you will find numbering 1 - 15 of each unit. 

Diameter - 1.25" 

Thickness - 0.125"

I hope you enjoy the marker as much as I enjoyed crafting it! 

Please note that some metals patina over time. This will provide your item with a more unique look as it ages!

Items typically ship within 3-5 business days of ordering.