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Record Album Marker - Zirconium (PROTOTYPE)

Record Album Marker - Zirconium (PROTOTYPE)

Record Album Marker - Zirconium (PROTOTYPE)

This is the very record album marker made. On the prototype, it was crafted in zirconium. Only 14 additional were made after this model... most were custom for each buyer. The marker is precision milled from zirconium with the use of a lathe to produce realistic record grooves. After machining, the marker was lasered and then torched to produce the satin black finish. By applying the the front logo and the PROTOTYPE marking before torching, the torch turned these markings white. All other zirconium record markers produced had dark gray to black engravings. 

Diameter - 1.25" 

Thickness - 0.125"

Weight - 15g

I hope you enjoy the marker as much as I enjoyed crafting it! 

Please note that some metals patina over time. This will provide your item with a more unique look as it ages!