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Distressed Flag Golf Belt

Distressed Flag Golf Belt - 1st Edition

Distressed Flag Golf Belt - 1st Edition

This one of one piece features a CNC milled buckle in zinc with a distressed antique finish. Certainly a statement piece on and off the golf course!

After machining, the belt buckle was grinded, sanded, and tumbled. I engraved American Flag on the front and on the back some Kraken arms on the back with the text "Greatness within you...". Finally some blackened and additional time on the sander getting the patina just right!

Dimensions - 3" wide and 2" top to bottom. 

Weigh 120g. 

The 1.5" wide black leather strap is genuine cow-skin available in sizes 30-44 (even sizes). If your size is not in stock, it will be 2 weeks before delivery. 

**** Please add not to order with your size at checkout or I will contact you for belt size****

Sizing: For example, if you are a size 34 waist, please order size 36 belt. They are adjustable 1-2 sizes. Not all sizes may be in stock. If your size is not in stock, shipping may be delayed two weeks.