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About Kraken Golf

I grew up the son of a steel worker in the small town of Acushnet Massachusetts, just on the outskirts of Cape Cod. Dad worked long hours and he was dedicated to providing for his family. He used to emphasize to me “you want to work with your head not your hands Marc”. One of the many life lessons he shared with me growing up. So in typical me fashion I followed his advice… kind of…
 As a kid I was always had a creative side that typically manifested itself in the form of drawing – I always had a sketchpad of something. However, I suppressed much of that in my teen and college years to eventually join the workforce and begin climbing that corporate ladder in the world of software. It provided for my family just fine, but something was missing… especially on Monday mornings after a great weekend with the family… I lived for the weekends!
Grizzly Mill
In the summer of 2015, I bought a Grizzly G0704 mill and converted it to a CNC after watching a few YouTube videos. That is where my passion for being a maker began! I decided to combine my new love of machining with an old passion – GOLF. From there I started a brand called NXT18Golf, where I machined custom belt buckles that helped golfers express themselves on the golf course.
7 machines later with a new brand called Kraken Golf, I have turned my attention to other golf items with the idea of being very disruptive in this space – pushing boundaries in the world of golf with the hopes of opening the game to a new, diverse audience.  
Bespoke Golf Items from Kraken Golf
Today with my 3 children and my wife Melissa, we have built roots again in the town of Acushnet.  I continue to explore new forms of expression in golf like my new passion for leather craft. Stay tuned and watch for new innovative, bespoke golf products!
I appreciate your interest in my work – I look forward to adding some uniqueness to your next round of golf!  
 Thanks you!