What is Kraken Golf?

Kraken Golf features the creations of artist, machinist and golfer Marc Cordeira. Marc has done more than refine an old tradition: He has started a new one. Guided by a devotion to creating unique, visually appealing golf heirlooms. He fuses unique finishes and textures with new designs to create interesting golf everyday carry (EDC).

"every time I order these things it's like Christmas..."

—Trent Donahoo, Kraken Golf Customer/Collector

"...best way of looking good is to make sure that you have Kraken gear with you..."

—Thomas Gram, Kraken Golf Customer/Collector

Kraken Golf Putters

every putter is 1 of 1

Kraken GOlf Putters

Marc's goal with every putter build is to WOW and create an instant conversation piece for the putting green that also functional.

ball markers and divot tools

known for the smalls

Very intricate and unique golf ball markers and divot tools are the calling card for Kraken Golf. The goal with small tools is to over engineer as much as possible.

What is so special about Kraken Golf?



All of Kraken Golf items are made from the finest materials. Marc focuses on durability with the design of each item. He also crafts each item with the intent that the will be used over and over on the golf course. It simply has to be durable and functional.



Kraken Golf aspires to deliver the very best experience for its customers. Marc is very approachable on social media channels. He loves to discuss the world of golf. Marc also works closely with customers on the design of items like putters or custom golf swag for tournaments or the next big guys golf trip.



Kraken Golf strives to craft items that will be conversation pieces on the putting green. The whole catalog of items is quite limited with most releases being 50 units or less. If you own a Kraken Golf item, you are certainly part of a small community of golfers that appreciate artistic works that maintain value long term.