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G & E Magazine Interview

Posted by Marc Cordeira on

Matt:  Thanks for the background.  That should spark plenty of questions.  So, let’s start back in with what made you want to start Kraken Golf?

Marc:  Kraken Golf is actually the second company I have started in golf.  The other was NXT18Golf, which focused on belts.  I needed a brand that focused more on the art of my designs and less on trying to find ways to scale and increase production.  With NXT18, the focus was always:  How can I get more belts in more people’s hands?  It became a second job.

Kraken is more along the lines of:  What inspires me today?  What can I create that will make people say “WOW.”  I am constantly looking for something interesting that I feel has never been done before.  I create, and then I move on to the next idea.  I like the singularity of my creations and making small runs.  It keeps my passionate, and I’ll pour myself into a run of a specific design.  Once complete, I’ll just move on to something else – it’s freeing.