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Panther Golf Tool

Panther Golf Tool

The Panther Golf Tool is my first release of a combination ball marker divot tool! They are crafted out of carbon steel with a Kraken ink matte finish. Each has hand painted elements of purple as well. Only 15 available! 

  • Crafted from carbon steel and finished in matte black finish
  • Ball Marker is attached via magnet with simple push to pop out mechanism
  • CNC Milled 

Divot Tool Dimensions:

  • 3.125" length
  • 0.875" Wide
  • 0.25" thick
  • weight: 42g

Ball Marker Dimensions:

  • 1" length
  • 0.75" Wide
  • 0.125" thick
  • weight: 8g

Please note that some metals patina over time. This will provide your item with a more unique look as it ages!