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Yarmouth Putter - Timascus Cavity

Yarmouth Putter - Timascus Cavity

Faux Damascus carbon steel, Yarmouth Putter featuring large Timascus inlay in the rear cavity. The faux Damascus pattern is applied with a laser marking process over a darkened vinegar etch finish.  

  • Weight: 360g
  • Face-balanced
  • Loft: 2 degrees
  • Lie: 68 degrees
  • Length: cut to your specs
  • 3d printed steel bamboo style neck - see note below
  • Includes color coordinated leather grip 
  • Includes headcover
  • Yarmouth putter - 010 (certification document included)

It is a pleasure to craft, but even better to play with! 

Please note that some metals patina over time. Especially with carbon steel putters, proper maintenance is required to avoid rust patina. 

Please note that 3d printed necks cannot be bent to achieve different lofts or lies.